Each of our offerings is based on a well-reasoned investment philosophy and the consistent application of a disciplined, repeatable investment process. Our long-term approach helps position our investment managers to capitalize on the inevitable overreactions of short-term investors, while also seeking to minimize losses to trading and, where appropriate, taxes.

In-depth fundamental analysis is the primary basis for our investment decision making.
We employ career research analysts across multiple investment disciplines, who seek to add value to client portfolios by developing comparative advantages in terms of knowledge and information about the market sectors they follow, as well as through application of investment judgment.

Risk Management
Our portfolios are constructed one security at a time, based on an evaluation of the portfolio impact and return potential of every investment. We manage risk through detailed securities analysis, careful portfolio construction and management, and by maintaining broad diversification. In managing portfolios, we adhere to established investment disciplines and maintain a consistent focus on risk management and, where appropriate, tax management.

The soundness of our investment approach and the capability of our investment teams are reflected in the performance results we have achieved for clients over the long term.